Countdown to BlizzCon!

I just picked up a set of geektitude business cards and I’m very excited about them! We’re just a few days away from Blizzcon, and while I’m not going to BlizzCon proper, I will be attending the Con Before the Storm event Thursday night, and since it’s going to be full of podcasters and podcast fans, I felt like it would be a missed opportunity not to try my hand at networking to see if I could get some fun guests for my own podcast!

Speaking of the podcast, I do apologize for not posting any new episodes the past 2 weeks, but I was house sitting for one of the weekends and the other just got busier than originally intended. So, I’m committing here and now to a special BlizzCon episode for Episode 5! This podcast will be a little different as it will probably just be me, and I’m going to record it over the course of four days. Wednesday night, I will be recording my #KeepitGeek segment. Friday, I’ll be reporting out on Con Before the Storm. Saturday I’ll add thoughts on BlizzCon Day 1 followed by Day 2 overview and final impressions on Sunday. It’s going to be an interesting way to approach the podcast, but I’m confident that it will come together to make for some fun and timely commentary.

If you are going to be at Con Before the Storm, please say hello! I’ll be tweeting throughout the evening, so make sure to follow me on twitter @geektitude and @EpicGrays and if you want to hang out, I’m flying solo, so I’d love the company! Also, I’ll be playing a lot of Blizzard games this weekend as I watch the events unfold from home, so if you’re doing “BlizzCon in your PJs” at home like I am and want to geek out with me, you can also friend me in game. My battletag is EpicGrays#1698.

However you plan on experiencing BlizzCon, remember that it’s all about our community. Make new connections, reminisce with old friends, and most importantly…have an amazing time!