Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade Read more

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

I mentioned the other day that my husband and I were planning on checking out the Free 2 Play night at the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland. Well, we did, and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of classic games available to bring back the nostalgia of playing them at […]

Contest of Champions Mini Review Read more

Contest of Champions Mini Review

So, since I’m traveling, I figured it would be good to load up a few mobile games. One of the hosts of I Remembered it…Better said that he had been playing Marvel’s Contest of Champions. I have to say, it is extremely addictive. It’s basically a street fighter game with the Marvel heroes and villains […]

Heading Out Read more

Heading Out

My husband and I are traveling to Portland for Thanksgiving for a nice get-a-way. So, I’ll be hopping on a plan in about 2 hours. My geek travel essentials for this trip: Podcasts: The Angry Chicken, Top Deck Kings, WEKK Podcast, I Remembered it… Better, Girls Gone Wow, The Average Geek Show, Hearthcore and Realm […]

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Episode 6 – Cosplay with GeishaVi Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSgeektitude Show Notes for 11.22.2015 Guest Interview: GeishaVi Cosplayer GeishaVi Believes Loving Yourself Is The Key To Dressing Up As Someone Else #KeepItGeek this Week News (Covering 11/16/2015-11/22/2015) Wizard World Finally Brings a Loyalty Program to the Comic Con Culture AMC Adding A […]

Sharing the Geek Read more

Sharing the Geek

I just finished listening to Episode 48 of Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men and the briefly talk about how to get a significant other interested in Comic Books. That made me think about all the times I’ve tried to get my husband into the things that I’m excited about and so, I have a […]

Geeking Out In Portland Read more

Geeking Out In Portland

For Thanksgiving, my husband an I have decided to spend several days in Portland, Oregon. I know that my husband would like to spend at least one day exploring the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, but I’m excited because Portland is know for being a destination that has a strong geek culture. So, I’ve been trying to […]

Getting Back into Warcraft Read more

Getting Back into Warcraft

I’m struggling to get back into World of Warcraft. I’m having trouble figuring out what to do in game and it’s a little frustrating for me. I thought the new Legion announcements would get me excited to play, but the result was actually, “Why should I do that now when it’ll be better in Legion.” […]

The Great Twitter Purge Read more

The Great Twitter Purge

Today I decided to clear out my twitter feed. I stopped following most of the people who don’t follow me, mostly because my feed felt like nothing but advertisements. If I was following you and now I’m not and you would like me to, just let me know and I’ll add you back. I’m really […]