Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

groundkontrolI mentioned the other day that my husband and I were planning on checking out the Free 2 Play night at the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland. Well, we did, and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of classic games available to bring back the nostalgia of playing them at the arcades when I was growing up. They had a lot of pinball machines which my husband took a liking to right away. I tended to gravitate to classics like Burger Time and Ms Pacman but was reminded very quickly at how out of practice I am at my old school titles.

My biggest complaint was the space. It was very closed in and very crowded. There was an entire corner that we just avoided because it was too crowded to push through to. It wasn’t hard to get to most games, and they became available pretty quickly. It was also relatively easy to get a drink at the bar. So the tight space may be more of a personal preference than a true problem, but I think I can confidently say they could use more room.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and after we left I kept telling my husband that I wish we had something like it in Palm Springs. I guess I will just have to come back to Portland for my classic arcade fix.

I’ve Lost My Love of Bookstores

I made a sad realization today. My husband and I went to Powell’s World of Books in Portland today and as amazing as it was, I kept thinking, “I can buy this on Kindle.” As bad as I feel, I just can’t bring myself to buy a physical book? The space we save with digital media is substantial and the convenience makes carting around physical books a little ridiculous. Plus, why stand in line when I can order the book in the comfort of my own home. Even as I type this, however, I feel guilty. I feel like I’m contributing to the loss of culture. I used to spend substantial time coming through the aisles  of a Barnes and Noble or a Borders. Whether this change is ultimately positive or not, I don’t know, but right now, I just can’t justify buying the physical book, and that makes me sad.

Contest of Champions Mini Review

MarvelContestofChampionsSo, since I’m traveling, I figured it would be good to load up a few mobile games. One of the hosts of I Remembered it…Better said that he had been playing Marvel’s Contest of Champions. I have to say, it is extremely addictive. It’s basically a street fighter game with the Marvel heroes and villains forced to fight each other. The play is easy, but intricate. It’s simplicity makes it a fun game to just zone out to, but definitely encourages the “just one more match” mentality. My biggest complaint is that I feel like it needs to allow you to get a more diverse set of heroes up front. I realize that the whole idea is to get you to buy them through micro-transactions, but it might be nice to build a more solid line-up early on and work towards more diversity down the line. For a quick mobile game to play in a hotel room, I think it’s great.

Heading Out

My husband and I are traveling to Portland for Thanksgiving for a nice get-a-way. So, I’ll be hopping on a plan in about 2 hours.

My geek travel essentials for this trip:

  • Podcasts: The Angry Chicken, Top Deck Kings, WEKK Podcast, I Remembered it… Better, Girls Gone Wow, The Average Geek Show, Hearthcore and Realm Maintenance
  • Reading material: First 12 Issues of classic Excalibur on Marvel Unlimited and Empire of the Dead by George Romero on the Kindle
  • Technology: Spare portable charger, lots of plug in charger, wireless headphones, classic headphones (for the flight) and probably more electronic devices then one should bring on a vacation.

I hate flying, so I try and use the entire experience to catch up on the listening and reading I’m behind on.

I’ll be posting about my Portland adventures over the next couple days. I’m going to try and hit 2 posts a day since I am a little behind on my November goals.

Episode 6 – Cosplay with GeishaVi

geektitude Show Notes for 11.22.2015

Guest Interview: GeishaVi
Cosplayer GeishaVi Believes Loving Yourself Is The Key To Dressing Up As Someone Else

#KeepItGeek this Week

News (Covering 11/16/2015-11/22/2015)

Feature – Cosplay

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Jessica Jones Mini Review (no spoilers)

So, I watched the first 3 episodes of Jessica Jones this evening. I have to say, I’m enjoying it. It’s very creepy and very dark, but the characters are strong and I don’t feel like I’m being treated with kid gloves. They want to tell a gritty story, and they aren’t pulling any punches. I’ve heard a couple of people complain that it’s a little slow, but the pacing is right in line with old noir detective films which is exactly the feel I think they are going for. Kilgrave’s character is a whole new type of disturbing. There is a creepy factor that creates a constant tension that the audience shares with the main characters. I also like the fact that we aren’t being spoon fed exposition. I feel like the characters are disclosing their stories naturally and even if we are confused about of relationships or background, there’s a sense that all will be disclosed in due time. Overall, I think I may like it a lot more than Daredevil, if only because it’s so completely different than anything else that’s out there right now.

Sharing the Geek

I just finished listening to Episode 48 of Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men and the briefly talk about how to get a significant other interested in Comic Books. That made me think about all the times I’ve tried to get my husband into the things that I’m excited about and so, I have a few tips.

1,) Talk about why you get excited about something.
This was the Rachel and Miles suggestion that got me thinking about this, and I agree. It’s important to talk about why you are excited about something, not just that it’s cool and amazing and the best thing ever. It’s also important not to make them feel like there is something wrong with them for not knowing about or liking it on the same level you do.

2.) Let them try things out in their comfort zone.
My husband doesn’t like video games, but he was willing to give World of Warcraft a try. It’s not his thing and he doesn’t enjoy it. This weekend, I’m planning on having him play Cho’Gall with me in Heroes of the Storm. It allows me to drive and him to shoot things. If he loves it, awesome! If he hates it, we’ll try something else.

3.) Be okay with them doing it because they love you.
I’m very aware that the majority of the TV that we watch is stuff that I like. My husband has definitely vetoed shows in the pass that I have to watch on my own (though how he doesn’t understand the beauty that is Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, or the epicness that is the Teen Wolf ship that is Sterek, will baffle me until the end of time). But he knows that it’s important for me to share these shows that I love with him, so he watches them. Sometimes he gets tired of them (we often struggle to get through Arrow) and other times he gets sucked in (he’s pretty into The Walking Dead). Sometimes I get frustrated when he isn’t enjoying something we’re doing together, but I have to remember he’s still willing to do it for me.

4.) Be patient.
The quickest way to scare a significant other away from the things you love is to make them feel bad about not getting it right away. If you are not someone who is patient with people learning things that they are unfamiliar with, then maybe recruit a mutual friend who will be better at introducing your significant other to the stuff you like. Getting frustrated with someone who is trying to connect with you (an expert) on something you love is going to ultimately ruin it for both of you.

5.) Do the same for them.
It’s important to make sure that you try and learn about your significant others passions as well. It’s okay to talk about what you love, but make sure that you don’t dominate all your conversations with your interests. Engage them with their interests as well. And make sure you keep in mind the first 4 tips and look at them from the opposite direction. Try not to get frustrated when you are learning about what they love and make sure you do things that they like to do, even when it’s not your thing.

These are not magic wands to make your significant other huge fans like you, but hopefully it will give you a few strategies to get them involved in the things you love.