Holiday Geekiness

Griswold-house-Christmas-Vacation-movie-in-lightsIt’s a very blustery evening in Palm Springs tonight, which makes if feel like the holidays are finally upon us. We often relate our geektitude to movies and comic books…video games and tv shows. But anything that someone has a passion about, in my mind, is eligible for some level of geektitude. So this is the time of year that the holiday geeks come out. So, what’s your holiday geektitude? Are you all about decking out your front yard like Clark Griswold? Are you going to watch every Rankin/Bass Christmas Special when they air (not TiVoed…that’s cheating). Are you going to spend hours in the kitchen baking the cookies your grandmother taught you how to make? Everyone has something they are geeky about, and the holiday season introduces an all new group of people into the mix with their own brand of geeky holiday cheer. So… how do you geek out during the holiday season?