The Great Twitter Purge

Today I decided to clear out my twitter feed. I stopped following most of the people who don’t follow me, mostly because my feed felt like nothing but advertisements. If I was following you and now I’m not and you would like me to, just let me know and I’ll add you back. I’m really excited to see if following fewer people makes much of a difference in my twitter experience. But now I’m on a quest to follow people who are excited about all sorts of geeky things. If you know someone who you think I should follow, let me know! I’m still relatively new to the twitter thing, and while I’ve figured out a good bit of it, I know I’m not using it to its full advantage. And for me, it’s not all about numbers. I would rather follow a small group of people who follow back and are interested in chiming in on each other’s comments than amassing a huge list of nameless faces that scroll down the screen before you can get a chance to figure out what they’re up to. What are your tips and tricks to living a fulfilled life on the twitter?