Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

groundkontrolI mentioned the other day that my husband and I were planning on checking out the Free 2 Play night at the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland. Well, we did, and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of classic games available to bring back the nostalgia of playing them at the arcades when I was growing up. They had a lot of pinball machines which my husband took a liking to right away. I tended to gravitate to classics like Burger Time and Ms Pacman but was reminded very quickly at how out of practice I am at my old school titles.

My biggest complaint was the space. It was very closed in and very crowded. There was an entire corner that we just avoided because it was too crowded to push through to. It wasn’t hard to get to most games, and they became available pretty quickly. It was also relatively easy to get a drink at the bar. So the tight space may be more of a personal preference than a true problem, but I think I can confidently say they could use more room.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and after we left I kept telling my husband that I wish we had something like it in Palm Springs. I guess I will just have to come back to Portland for my classic arcade fix.