I suck at Overwatch

overwatchI was fortunate enough to get into the Overwatch beta on Tuesday night and I played it quite extensively last night.
My first impressions: I am NOT a first person shooter player. I sucked so bad that my future grand children felt it. And the seriousness of that truly sets in when you realize, I don’t plan on having children.

The game is amazing. The graphics are phenomenal, all the characters all have a different feel, and maps are really complex. My problem is that this is not a type of game I ever play, so I don’t have the built-in muscle memory that the other players have and so it’s very hard for me to enjoy it because I spend a lot of time dead.

So, I talked to my eSportz students and they gave me the following tips:

  1. Play a lot. Apparently, 2 hours is not enough to become an expert at something! Who knew?
  2. Try playing a support character. By playing support, you’re forced to stick with another player and you can still contribute without worrying about making the perfect head shot.

So, I’m not going to give up. I think it’s good that I’m getting out of my comfort zone!