The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

This weekend is BlizzCon which is one of two yearly pilgrimages for me (the other being San Diego Comic-Con). One of the things that always feels so important about these events is the ability to be around people like you. There’s something about being able to look around, pick a random person and start a conversation with them about topics that you love. One of the greatest things about the internet is that we don’t have to wait for these major events to find people that like the stuff we do. Whether your interests are gaming, comics, or really bad horror movies, finding “you tribe,” a community that makes you feel accepted and connected to others, is important.

Part of what inspired me to write this post is the post-con blues that I think everyone experiences when they have to go back to the “real world.” The other was a series of articles I discovered on Den of Geek. I think it’s great that geeks are reaching out to other geeks and making sure we’re all alright.