Contest of Champions Mini Review

MarvelContestofChampionsSo, since I’m traveling, I figured it would be good to load up a few mobile games. One of the hosts of I Remembered it…Better said that he had been playing Marvel’s Contest of Champions. I have to say, it is extremely addictive. It’s basically a street fighter game with the Marvel heroes and villains forced to fight each other. The play is easy, but intricate. It’s simplicity makes it a fun game to just zone out to, but definitely encourages the “just one more match” mentality. My biggest complaint is that I feel like it needs to allow you to get a more diverse set of heroes up front. I realize that the whole idea is to get you to buy them through micro-transactions, but it might be nice to build a more solid line-up early on and work towards more diversity down the line. For a quick mobile game to play in a hotel room, I think it’s great.