Heading Out

My husband and I are traveling to Portland for Thanksgiving for a nice get-a-way. So, I’ll be hopping on a plan in about 2 hours.

My geek travel essentials for this trip:

  • Podcasts: The Angry Chicken, Top Deck Kings, WEKK Podcast, I Remembered it… Better, Girls Gone Wow, The Average Geek Show, Hearthcore and Realm Maintenance
  • Reading material: First 12 Issues of classic Excalibur on Marvel Unlimited and Empire of the Dead by George Romero on the Kindle
  • Technology: Spare portable charger, lots of plug in charger, wireless headphones, classic headphones (for the flight) and probably more electronic devices then one should bring on a vacation.

I hate flying, so I try and use the entire experience to catch up on the listening and reading I’m behind on.

I’ll be posting about my Portland adventures over the next couple days. I’m going to try and hit 2 posts a day since I am a little behind on my November goals.