Jessica Jones Mini Review (no spoilers)

So, I watched the first 3 episodes of Jessica Jones this evening. I have to say, I’m enjoying it. It’s very creepy and very dark, but the characters are strong and I don’t feel like I’m being treated with kid gloves. They want to tell a gritty story, and they aren’t pulling any punches. I’ve heard a couple of people complain that it’s a little slow, but the pacing is right in line with old noir detective films which is exactly the feel I think they are going for. Kilgrave’s character is a whole new type of disturbing. There is a creepy factor that creates a constant tension that the audience shares with the main characters. I also like the fact that we aren’t being spoon fed exposition. I feel like the characters are disclosing their stories naturally and even if we are confused about of relationships or background, there’s a sense that all will be disclosed in due time. Overall, I think I may like it a lot more than Daredevil, if only because it’s so completely different than anything else that’s out there right now.